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Whether you travel by plane, by bus or by train, the time you spend waiting for your departure or to arrive at your destination often seems painful and never-ending. What if you could make good use of this time?

For all travelers around the World who have had enough of wasting their time and getting bored during their trips, frisbee is an app that offers you a unique experience by putting you in contact with people traveling at the same time or same place as you. Unlike other apps, frisbee allows you to know who is traveling with you, view the other frisbee users on a map, learn about their hobbies and interest, chat and finally meet them to start an intriguing discussion around a coffee.

Frisbee also allows you to share your feedbacks on your mobility experience with the rest of the community. Join the FrisbeeCommunity

What is Frisbee ?

Watch the video and discover our amazing app !

How it works

Connect & Chat

Exchange with fellow travellers throughout your journey

Enter your trip number to discover who is traveling with you. As soon as you come across an inspiring profile, get in touch for local recommendations, intriguing conversations or new business contacts.

Meet throughout your journey

Enjoy an enriching moment with your new flight buddy

Meet, share a coffee, or even sit next to each other during your trip. You just arrived at your destination and the time has flown! This is not finished: why not find a FrisbeeCommunity buddy to share a taxi to your final point of arrival?

Share mobility experience

Share your feedback and help other frisbee users

Punctuality, comfort, service quality… At any time of your journey, please take a few seconds to provide your feedback and share your mobility experience with the frisbee community.

Why use Frisbee & Be part of the FrisbeeCommunity



Business networking

Boost your business network!

Meet with other business travellers from FrisbeeCommunity, find new opportunities or get in touch with a potential investor for your future project.



Get tip from local

Get recommendations from locals

Flying to Barcelona for the week end? What a better place than an airport to meet with a Spanish buddy of FrisbeeCommunity and get tips on your final destination!



Intriguing discussions

Explore the FrisbeeCommunity

Passionate about cinema? Tennis fan? Love cooking? Chat with other travellers from FrisbeeCommunity having similar interests as you.

Soon available !

Enjoy all the benefits from frisbee now: download the app, register yourself in a few seconds, discover all the opportunities offered and be part of the FrisbeeCommunity.


Contact Us

Contact Us For Collaborations, Questions Or To Say Hi

A question? An idea for frisbee? An interest to be our partner?
Send us a message and we will be happy to get in touch with you, and why not, share a coffee! Be part of the FrisbeeCommunity.

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